Lemon Meringue Cupcakes


lemon merengue cupcakes


I just applied to be a cupcake baker at a bakery in Carlsbad, and part of the selection process will be to do a spread of your 3 best recipes. They also wanted pictures of my masterpieces.. 😉 So of course, I went through my phone looking for pictures of some cupcakes I’ve made in the past. And I found this gem!

I forgot how delicious these things were. Lemon Meringue is the BEST. I remember when I was younger, my grandma would make Lemon Meringue Pie ALL the time. So when I found this recipe about a year ago I just HAD to make it. And they were as delicious as they tasted! So sorry everyone who’s been missing out on these dimes. I’ll find the recipe and post it later on!

I also need to find pictures of my beer cupcakes and post them, because I hear those are my best ones (from multiple sources). Both the Corona and Chocolate Beer ones will be posted, and if I could get a vote below that would be great =) I may not be selected to even interview, but I would still like to know which cupcakes are my best! Thanks =)

P.S. I will of course always include Oreo Cupcakes in my top 3 =)


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