Beach Bear Cupcakes




Today, I decided to make some beach themed cupcakes. I couldn’t go to the beach due to an injury, so I decide to create a beach scene myself.

I started with this “Perfect Vanilla Cupcake Recipe” I found online. I substituted the buttermilk with milk and white vinegar, the canola oil for vegetable oil, and the flour for all purpose. I also baked them for about 4 minutes longer than the recipe says either because my oven sucks or because the recipe had too short a baking time. Here’s the original recipe:

After baking and cooling, I took a thing of store-bought frosting (my specialty) and split it in half. Half of it remained white, and the other half I mixed with some blue food coloring. Then I covered half of each cupcake with the white frosting and dipped it in brown sugar. I then added blue frosting (using a plastic bag because I’m classy) to the other half of each cupcake.

After a while, I waddled myself to the store for some little drink umbrellas only to find that Walgreens did not have them. So I bought LifeSavers and gummy bears and made them look like they were lounging in the water on my cupcakes. And VOILA, Beach Bear Cupcakes! I hope you enjoy at least looking at them.




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