Saint Patty’s Cupcakes


Saint Pat's

Ok, so I was doing my Tuesday evening grocery shopping – nothing interesting. As I was leaving Vons (I had already paid and was out the door), I saw this beautiful Saint Patrick’s Day beer display. I have almost perfected using the regular Guiness stout in my cupcakes – I never posted them. Shame on me! Well anyways, that’s not what caught my attention. I was drawn in by this Blonde Guiness Lager.. I have never made cupcakes using these! So I turned around, grabbed a 6 pack, and got in line again. Then I drove myself on over to Smart & Final for some Pastry Pride and green food coloring. Pastry Pride was recommended to me by Amy Malone of San Diego. I took her cupcake decorating class, and I needed to try this Pastry Pride on my own. I also went to Michael’s for some melting candies and shamrock shaped candy molds, which they did not have. =( Oh well.

Then I got to work on these beauties! I used a Blue Moon Cupcakes recipe, and obviously I used Guiness instead. I also took out the orange zest, because GROSS, and did one less tablespoon of butter. And voila!

Here’s the recipe I used. Thanks SpoonForkBacon!


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