Red Velvet 4th of July Cupcakes



What better way for me to celebrate the end of school than by making some Red Velvet cupcakes just so that I could take pictures of them? No, I didn’t do that… Wait, yes I did. 

I’ll be honest, a while back, I bought some blue sprinkles, gold pearls, and sparkler candles just so that I could make these lovely cupcakes. How long ago did I buy this stuff, you ask? I bought it in April. Yes, April. I do love my holidays. Any excuse to make cupcakes is good enough for me.

These Red Velvets are made using the same Paula Deen recipe I used for the Purple Monsters, and the frosting is made using the infamous Pastry Pride from Stater Brothers. The recipe is here:

If you’d like some of these bad boys at your 4th of July shindig, just give me a holler on my etsy page or email me at Ps, San Diego residents only. Here’s the link to my etsy site:


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