SuperBanana Cupcakes



For the Super Bowl this year, I made two types of cupcakes – the first was my regular chocolate stout cupcake with a cream cheese frosting (I added a little bit of sprite to thin it out and mellow out the taste of the cream cheese.) The second cupcake was a banana cupcake with whipped buttercream frosting and Nilla wafers crumbled on top.

They were a huge hit! There were only a dozen, and I could have used a dozen more. The Nilla wafer topping was an essential addition, suggested to me by my number one taste tester and boyfriend, PJ.

I also used a different frosting than the one in Martha Stewart’s recipe, though I’m sure it would have been delicious. My whipped buttercream frosting consists of just heavy whipping cream (the whole tiny carton – I use the smallest one), half a stick of butter, and about a cup of powdered sugar (sorry, I do not have the science down yet, so it’s not an exact recipe.)

I’d say this is one of the best recipes I have tried yet – I am very thrilled with it, and it made for a very happy Super Bowl Party.

Find the recipe here.


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