Easter Peeps Cupcakes



As usual, I randomly got the urge to make some cute holiday cupcakes, and I immediately took off to the store to find what I needed. Despite having to go to three stores to find Peeps, I got them done, and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

I used a typical Martha Stewart Vanilla Cupcake recipe. Since I hardly ever make just plain Vanilla Cupcakes, I figured I could trust Martha Stewart and her creativity to guide me. You can find a link to the recipe at the bottom.

So I made the cupcakes (the recipe made 12 exactly), let them cool, and then whipped some of that Pastry Pride stuff I told you about in an earlier post. My life is forever changed in a positive way thanks to Pastry Pride. (You can find it at Smart and Final.)


Then I put the Pastry Pride on top of my cupcakes using a plastic bag as a piper. And I sprinkled some beautiful purple sprinkles on top just to add some extra color.


Then I put some Peeps on top, because they ARE the star of this show. And here they are!




Cake Balls With the Babes


photo 1 (4)

It started with this lovely chocolate cake.

Then we crumbled it like this, adding in some frosting. We then melted some chocolate blocks that we would eventually roll the cake in.

photo 2 (4)

We rolled them in the melted chocolate,photo 3 (2)

sprinkled them, and put them on this wax paper to set.

photo 4 (1)

They were just delicious and perfect to satisfy a chocolate craving =)